Introducing My Baby Way

PARENTING IS HARD! Parenting is also wonderful, challenging, rewarding, exhausting, tedious, exhilarating and constantly surprising.


Carry on… laughing!

I do think that there is often a lot of over-thinking that takes place around babies. Parents are expected to give answers to questions that really don't matter and act as if they do. 


It's a strange thing feeding another human being. Even stranger when a fussy eater is feeding their non-fussy eater child. I spend long periods of time faking smiles and satisfied noises about food I wouldn't dream of eating myself. 

The Sequel: ANOTHER 5 Stupid things I am regularly asked!!!

If you think you're busy, but you still have time to poo on your own - then, frankly, you're not. 

The OODD guide to The Dad Body.

So it's happened, you're a dad!

The OODD Guide to Nappy Changing a Crawler…

So it's happened. You've been dreading it for months now and. finally, it's here!!